Beginning Anew

I am a sucker for a sunset.  Maybe it is because no two are ever the same.  Maybe it is because I am not an early morning person so I don’t always appreciate the beauty of a sunrise in my pre-coffee state.

Maybe it is because the end means a beginning is coming.

That we are not guaranteed tomorrow is true.  At least, not in this life.  But so much more lies ahead than our finite imaginations can picture.


The word feels like rest when I speak it.

In previous writings I have been restless, trying to find myself.  Trying to figure out exactly what I want to say and why I am here in the cyber-world.  How do I glorify Him while writing about me?  In the words of Father Tim, “Therein lies the rub.”

There are a billion and one blogs out there.  (I guess now there are a billion and two.)  But I want this one to be different.  This time, I am looking up before my fingers tap away at the keyboard.  I am not writing on a schedule or for anyone else.  I am writing because there is beauty to behold in these woods.  I am writing with an eye looking ahead to eternity and choosing to see how God reveals glimpses of forever in the everyday.  So often I find myself looking down, weighted by the hamster-wheel that tries to entrap me, just taking the next step and forgetting to look up.

That is no way to live.

There is poetry in every sunset.  As a chapter closes on my day, a new one is opening somewhere yet unseen.  Somewhere in the vast parts of this God-formed world it is always sunrise.  Someday soon, in the indescribable beauty of the New Jerusalem, we will stand together before the Risen One.  I am writing forward to that Day.  May these words bring glory to the King.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Look up.


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