The battle.  You know the one.  It has been going on for weeks, months, years.  It has worn you down and stolen your joy and brought you to your knees.  It has caused you to doubt that God is listening, much less caring.  You want to run away.

Prayers bounce off the ceiling.  Hospitals, counselors, doctors, lawyers, they all are getting a piece of you but still the battle rages.  There is no end in sight and no assurance that there will even be an end to it on this side of the veil.  It has become very, very hard to hope.

Despair is chasing you down like a hungry wolf.  You don’t think you can run one more step.

How do we live like this?  How do we press on when we are pressed?  What forces us out of bed in the morning and keeps us moving when all we want to do is anything but what we are doing?


Hope is like the sunset.  Always, somewhere, there is glory and beauty even though it may be beyond our line of sight.  The day has worn us down and we feel like it will never end, but then we look up and there…

in the distance…

brilliant colors creep up from the horizon and illuminate the sky as the day draws to a close.

Because every day does draw to a close.

Every day we are reminded to lay down our burdens and rest.

Our eyes take in the glory and, suddenly, we remember we are not alone.

The battle rages, yet we live.  Our hearts hurt, yet God draws near.  When we think we cannot bear it any longer, God rejoices at our helplessness because He can now help.  Our rescuer swoops in and lifts us up out of the pit and paints the sky a million brilliant colors and strengthens us for one more day.

One more day.

He is near.

Stop trying to fight alone.


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