Fat buds await on the leaf-empty branches as we kiss Old Man Winter goodbye.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, sir.

I sat on my deck in shorts yesterday.  SHORTS.  My pasty white skin glowed shockingly in the afternoon sun and my beautiful brown kids laughed at mama.  Today we motored through our homeschool assignments and tested the waters of the pool for the first time in weeks.  Delighted that it was “warm enough” my babes leapt in with abandon and swam to their hearts’ content.

It is a good day.

Winter was cold and hard.  “Real” snow broke up the overcast grey misery for a few delightful days but, still, we longed for warm.    We have been counting the weeks until shorts and flip-flops and the lake and freedom.  We grew tired of “finding things to do” because the weather was nasty.  Now there is running with abandon and the splashing and giggling of children gracing the near future.

Oh, I know.  Winter is not over yet.  There are bound to be some cold, if not freezing, days ahead.  But we have been given a taste of what is to come, which will make the remaining cold snaps more bearable.

Hope springs eternal.  Summer springs after the cold of today.  Beauty and warmth awaits and our good, good Father is so gracious to remind us that the bitter cold is not how it ends.

It is just a season.



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