Yesterday I took the garbage down to the curb, as usual on Tuesdays.  In my own world, thoughts and lists swirling, I almost missed it.


Now, it doesn’t feel like Autumn at all.  Not yet.  It’s hot and sticky and the trees just look so tired.  But this morning I happened to look up at just the right moment when the sun was at just the right angle and the morning mist was just barely hanging on.  The tall trees that line my street took on a sudden magic that caused me to stop and stare.  Subtle oranges and golds overlapped as branches released their bright offerings on the morning breeze.  Dry leaves danced and leapt down the messy road littered with leaf piles and shrub cuttings.  

Autumn in all its glory, clearly evident to anyone with adequate vision…Yet, still, it doesn’t feel like it.  Not at all.

The cold snap is coming, though.  According to the weather experts it should arrive tomorrow.  Not a moment too soon if you ask me.  The brightest colors are yet to come, expected to peak in late October and fade quickly.  

“If you plan to drive around and see the Fall colors you will want to do so early because the season will be short this year,” says the DJ on the radio.

Thanks for that.

Always I anticipate this, my favorite season.  Always it teases and finally arrives only to move into the cold of winter too quickly for my taste.  

And there is not one, single thing that I can do to change it.  No amount of watering or pruning or fertilizing will extend the life of Autumn’s glory.  It comes when it comes and it goes when it goes.  

So I have two choices:  I can complain and wish for what I cannot have or stop, breathe in the sweet scented air, listen for the rustle as my children conquer that “epic” leaf pile, and gaze at the beauty of the colors changing all around me.

Bitterness or gratitude.

Frustration or delight.

Envy or acceptance.

Anger or joy.

Autumn comes, regardless.  The glory is there, whether or not I choose to stop and look.  

I choose to stop and look.