My Favorite Planner in the History of Ever

For about the past month I have been on a new journey spiritually.  Raised in the Church of Christ, I surrendered to Jesus at the age of 21 after attending a Baptist church for just a couple of months with my boyfriend…who eventually became my husband.  Over the course of our marriage we have attended various non-denominational churches and one precious Presbyterian church.

Of all the churches we have attended, some of my sweetest memories have been of my first experience with Liturgy in the Presbyterian church which we attended in Pennsylvania. Continue reading


The Tangible In-between

Pulling up to the window of the local coffee shop I was greeted by the big smile of a tall, scruffily bearded young man who was training a new employee.  I handed him my card and he looked away for a second, then looked right at me with suddenly sad eyes.

“You look just like my mom.   Continue reading